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We do care

We had a desire: to be a place under the sun, to have a clear sky above it to see the moon and the stars.

To feel when you get here, that nature contributes to the healing of the body and of the soul, that this is the refuge you need.

Luiza Radulescu - Physician

The initiator of the Country Spa project


Dandelion's story

In the morning…. The sun rises glowing over the lake. Its rays enlace the field and the trees. It gives flowers the power to get up and smile. But most of all, it is the dandelion that smiles. The story says that God sent an Angel to all plants to ask them how they wanted to look. Only the dandelion did not know how it would like to be, and the angel allowed it another day to think it through. On that day, the dandelion, while praying, met the sun, and decided this is how it wanted itself to look like, yellow and beautiful. Then, it saw the moon and changed its mind. It wanted to look like the moon. To be yellow, round and beautiful. Then it also saw the stars and liked those too. When the angel came, it did not know what to say to him: its wish was that it should be like the sun, like the moon, like the stars. But God understood such wish. That is why the dandelion is initially yellow like the sun, then white and round like the moon, and if you blow on it, it spreads away like the stars.

Country Spa is this space under the sun, surrounded by nature, on which the moon shines and where the stars guide your steps. It is the place where you may want more and your wish comes trues. It is the refuge you need.

Cosmetic Treatments

Everything for a bright, clean skin, a serene, confident look. Your irradiant appearance after the facial treatment at Country Spa is the result of skill, but also of nature and of products inspired by it. All these are used in optimal combinations to keep you the freshness of spring on your face.

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Tehnologii avansate și arome rar întâlnite.


Compoziţie complexă mineral organică.


Your body breathes youthfulness. Choose to use raindrop therapy for physical and emotional balancing.


Detoxification, drainage, relaxation. These are the wonderful benefits provided by sauna.

Corporal treatments

Do you need relaxation, energy, lymphatic drainage? Choose YON-KA or PELLAMAR, give yourself the time you need and you will feel different. Our treatments cleanse the body, rejuvenate the skin, relieve stress and fatigue, everything for an incredible well-being.

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Country Spa is a space that is only yours, that gives you that intimacy which the city cannot promise you anymore, which lets you breathe nature, fresh air and the quietness of thoughts through all your pores.... It is the most appropriate place to relax and recharge your batteries. When you want to revitalize your senses, to add energy to that '' battery '' called body and adjust the engine called '' brain '' so to operate at full capacity, head straight for Country Spa, with no reason to hesitate whatsoever.
Located in Snagov (Vladiceasca), on the shore of the lake, surrounded by greenery, with the staff ready for you only, with the cutting-edge equipment items, Country spa proves to be more than a relaxing choice, it proves to be the choice for the soul.
Country spa is a choice which, if you made it once, you will never change it.


In perfect harmony with the values of our era and the tradition of holistic treatments, Yon-Ka invites you to a journey into a world of relaxation and of multisensory experiences. Distributed exclusively in reference salons and spas, the Yon-Ka brand has been since 60 years dedicated to beauty and relaxation by means of plants and essential oils.

Pell Amar's bio-cosmetics capitalize on one of the natural assets of Romania, namely the Pell Amar extract obtained from sapropelic mud by Professor IONESCU CĂLINEŞTI. The natural sapropelic slurry extract is an organic and enzymatic mineral complex with biotrophic regenerative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative and vasodilatory properties. demonstrated both experimentally and in clinical research.

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La “Country Spa” am una dintre cele mai frumoase si relaxante experiente. Aici se imbina echipa placuta cu materiale si echipamente de ultima generatie. Locatia – pe malul lacului Snagov – confera un plus de liniste si relaxare. In cateva ore petrecute aici ma simt ca dupa o vacanta de cateva zile.
Monica Panea
Coach – www.atcoach.ro
Totul intr-un singur loc. Tratamentele corporale si faciale sunt executate cu echipamente si materiale performante de catre o echipa dedicata si placuta. Faptul ca ma pot coafa si imi pot face manichiura… ba mai mult, pot fi machiata profesionist, imi da certitudinea ca orice program as avea ulterior ma pot relaxa pana in ultima clipa. Un plus il reprezinta si locatia – pe malul lacului Snagov – unde poti sa savurezi in liniste o cafea intre proceduri.
Ileana Stingu
O oaza de liniste, aproape de oras – pe malul lacului Snagov, cu caracter de club privat. In afara de tratamente faciale si corporale, coafura si manichiura – pedichiura, cel mai important lucru pe care l-am obtinut aici este respectarea intimitatii.
Milica Pavel
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